Warranty and Guarantee


Home of Headlights provides 30 day guarantee and 1 year warranty services for every Headlight build. Our guarantee/warranty covers condensation and LED defects. If there are signs of tampering with the headlights then this guarantee/warranty becomes void immediately. Guarantee/warranty is not transferable to another person. Our guarantee/warranty is only for the work we have carried out where we have installed the item to your car. Guarantee is only for the first month of ownership of the service or item we provide. Any faults within the first month must be made aware to us immediately, any claims outside of the 30 days will be billable by us

Condensation - Light misting of the headlights is normal during cold, wet weather conditions and after carwashes. At the first sign of condensation, you are required to contact us immediately and provide us pictures of the condensation, we are then able to use our judgement in determining if you require a headlight reseal or not. We will ask you to monitor the level of condensation and provide you guidance on how to reduce the misting.

Paint – Defects in the paint such as dust and particles are not covered under guarantee/warranty but where a reaction between the paint and the surface has taken place we will ask for pictures. In the case of a reaction between the paint and the surface we will require the item for 7 working days to prep, respray and complete the procedure for that part,

LEDs – 1 year warranty is provided for the LEDs on the rings installed by us.

Any claims outside of the guarantee/warranty period will be billable by us and we will discuss this with you

For more information, please email us at info@homeofheadlights.co.uk

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